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The Coffee History In Yemen

Brief Of The History

The coffee drink originated in Yemen. The bean is said to have been first consumed as a beverage in western Yemen in 1450.

Yemen prospered as coffee made its way around the world; by the early 1700s.

Farmers who have been working in coffee cultivation for multiple generations going back 400-500 years.

Drinking a cup of Yemeni coffee is special. It’s a caffeinated pick-me-up, a step back in time, and a culturally enlightening craft all at once.

Even now, the world of Yemeni coffee is shifting, growing, and persevering amidst a catastrophic civil war and humanitarian crisis, and it goes without saying that a lot hangs in the balance concerning the future of Yemeni coffee.

However, the passion that fuels the Yemeni coffee craft remains. It burns brightly as Yemeni coffee farmers and entrepreneurs pour their hearts into the craft of their country’s past – in the optimism of a gifted future.